St. Mary's Gearless Engine, 1 HP, verkaufen...

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St. Mary's Gearless Engine, 1 HP, verkaufen...

Beitragvon msiv » Di 7. Feb 2017, 20:34


I'll sell my St. Mary's Gearless Engine, 1 HP, 1910-1914, Imported from the US in 2014.
Videos: ( (
It's a very rare and very unconventional 4-stroke engine. A real showstopper! The engine was hysterical restored two years ago, and runs like a Swiss clock. A similary Engine was sold in US/2015 for $ 11,000...! (
My engine has been chemically cleaned from rust and then been professionally painted. Their are absolutely no play in any of the bearings.
Only flaw: The piston is not the original one, but it works 100%. The Engine weighs about 350 pounds.
Price: EURO 3.300 ab Denmark (Let's talk about the freight)

Morten / Dänemark


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